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Diary of a colour freak.

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I started this blog mainly to do what I love - makeup and art. I love the colours and different looks that one can come up with, and what ever I recreate is purely for my own entertainment. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my entries!




oh hello, who's here?

Ashley is Polish Addicted's Giveaway

Ashley is having a combined giveaway with a whole bunch of other bloggers for this Valentine's Day. Good thing is it's international! I'd love to win something this year!

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Random EOTD

random eotd haha

ps. i actually scared myself when the enlarged pic of my eye appeared lol.

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Nail Art: Xmas Nails 2012

Haven't done nail art in a looooooong time. I decided to do some xmas nails last night.

these were extremely hard to photograph, and really a pity cuz i think they look pretty fab hahaha

for base colour, i used A-England Jane Eyre, tips were Color Club Covered in Diamonds and Art Club silver glitter holo.

the bare tree accent nail was layla holo effects Jade Groove, but sadly after dousing the nails with OPI I Juggle Men and the holo topcoat franken, the effect of Jade Groove was greatly diminished. 

Also, the tree was inspired by Nailside. 

Seche Vite topcoat shrunk my thumb nail.

Any Xmas nail art? How did you celebrate your xmas?

Thanks for looking!

Posted by madlynny on December 25, 2012 at 8:30PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

Hair Talk: Hair colours

haven't had dyed hair for the longest time. re-dyed my hair using La Riche. it's a mix of pink and blue to get various purples.

i used to have outrageous hair. i would change my hair colour every semester and was known for it. after i started working, i stopped colouring my hair. styles changed, but the colour remained natural. i guess the dip dye trend caught on and i was sucked back into dyeing the hair. this isn't my first pink hair, though more subtle haha.

yaaaaa i wish my whole head was this array of colours but hahahahahaha it's only the back bottom. the top of my head is still natural. so yepz. 

by the way, preorder is still ongoing at $16 mailed per pot, spread the love!

thanks for reading!

Posted by madlynny on December 10, 2012 at 4:54AM | Permalink | 0 Comments
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Hair dyes anyone?

i want to buy some hair dyes online and am looking for people to share the cost of shipping with. anyone interested? 


Posted by madlynny on December 04, 2012 at 2:37AM | Permalink | 0 Comments

Swatch-o-rama: Tokidoki Sodashop Palette

I decided to head to Sephora on Tuesday to get a birthday present for my friend. At the formerly known Iluma (now known as Bugis+ but I still call it Iluma. Bugis+ is so meh), I saw this Tokidoki Palette going for $29! I had to get it cuz it was so cheap hahahaha (well technically my bf got it for me on the pretext of 'shitting'. I don't know why he was itching to buy something for me cuz everything I touched and wowed at he's like 'you like that? you want it??' and to throw him off his guard I pointed to everything in the mall and went 'ya ya ya get me this this this this this' bahaha) 

Was actually debating if I wanted to get any palettes, especially Naked 2, but these days I'm pretty lazy and am able to get out of the house with just mascara. And besides I have more eyeshadows than I have eyelid space so I didn't really saw the need to spend $80 on make up...

However when I saw that palette with the metal tin I was sucked into it hahahahaha and plus it's a good deal. Yes I'm a sucker for metal tins and cheap deals. 

The outside print of the tin, the inside with mirror, and a sheet of magnets for decoration. honestly the front is busy enough so no need to decorate already la.

<a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2012/11/46/3/1168/11689453/c647dee6faaea394_photo_3_9_.PNG">


comes with 12 eyeshadows, a liquid eyeliner and 2 nail files. I also like that the palette has a mix of browns and some purples cuz I LOVE PURPLE. 

Skull Donut, Potatino, Riposino
Ciccio, Mummetto, Mozarella
Tulipano, Nancy Rocks, Romeo
Ciotolino, Arrosto, Furbina 

Eyeliner is Arlecchino. Apparently they have different colours in different boxes, and just so happens I got the Blue one hurhur. I checked online there were several others that didn't look as good as the blue so I'm pretty contented.

<a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2012/11/46/3/1168/11689453/50ef84e0727807bf_photo_1_20_.PNG">

I</a> must say, I wasn't entirely impressed with the matte shades, namely Mummetto, Tulipano, Arrosto and Furbina cuz when swatched they felt quite chalky. I had to swipe a few times to get that intensity on the arm so I imagine it won't stay long on the lids. The frosty shades turned out pretty alright though.

I can't wait to see what looks I can come up with!

So, did any shade(s) catch your eye?

Posted by madlynny on November 19, 2012 at 3:02PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

Swatch-o-rama: OPI My Private Jet

I bought this from DYON. It's a scattered holo rather than linear, and the particles don't show too much.

Posted by madlynny on November 18, 2012 at 2:07PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

Swatch-o-rama: China Glaze Kalahari Kiss

i didn't really like this colour on me as i thought it made me look a little too yellow. however i think this will look great with some nail art on!

Posted by madlynny on November 16, 2012 at 1:34PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

Swatch-o-rama: Wet n Wild Teal Of Fortune

<a target="_blank" href="http://media2.onsugar.com/files/2012/11/46/3/1168/11689453/ea5505c5a39f83e2_photo_2_18_.PNG">

t</a>his stains the nails real bad so be prepared for major clean up.

Posted by madlynny on November 15, 2012 at 1:25PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

Swatch-o-rama: OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

i added a holo from milani but i couldn't capture it on photo. i like it, though.

Posted by madlynny on November 14, 2012 at 1:15PM | Permalink | 0 Comments
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Some random updates: Concert, Hair

Brought the boyfriend along to watch Eason Chan concert at MBS 2 sundays back cuz I had free tickets. I must say even though I'm not a big fan (I think I only know 3 songs of his hahaha) I enjoyed it a lot! except for the dancers who had quirky costumes (think crash dummies) and they looked like they were randomly moving around, the entire show was spectacular! Eason Chan was also hyper and extremely funny. was slightly disappointed cuz the two songs that I know by heart he sang Chinese instead of Canto and vice versa :/


Also his avid fans from Hong Kong were behind me screaming 'Eason!!!! Eason!!! Encore!!!' which sound really like ‘医生! 医生 ! Ankle!!!' cuz um they pronounced encore wrongly. and then the boyfriend -whose humour should be questioned sometimes- started scream "in pain" and called out 医生  too hahahahaha.


But I think he enjoyed the show more than me la, considering this is his first pop concert and there were fireworks haha.


Also another update on hair - I got it chopped recently. I've sported a short/medium length do since the bob was in, and have pretty much gotten used to the ease of short hair. I really want to have long hair so I can braid it and do all kinds of fun stuff with it but honestly, my long hair just weighs me down and makes me look older. 


i also bleached the bottom so I could colour it a range of pinks and blues and everything in between hahaha! 


This was a day after I coloured it. I actually bought pink and blue and mixed it together to get a range of purples - my favourite colour!!! At one point I did look like Barney hahahaha.


This was taken today - exactly one week after I had it coloured. And I dunno why it's not rotated but I have no idea how to rotate or if it's even possible so haha nevermind la hor.


It is at the bottom, I lifted the black hair on top to take the picture, so it doesn't bother my bosses. 


Ok I have a bunch of nail swatches so I will be blogging soon haha just that I got too lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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NOTD : China Glaze Purr-fect Plum


glitter is China Glaze's CG in the City

Posted by madlynny on October 24, 2012 at 12:40AM | Permalink | 0 Comments
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NOTD: Black Jelly Hex Glitter

hahah sorry i have no idea what to call this. i decided i wanted a black jelly base with coloured glitter, but i have no solvent resistant glitter, neither do i have the suspension base.


if you're interested in how i did this, i made a video (HAHAHAHA cuz i have a new camera!!!) link will be below. overall i'm quite happy how this turned out, although it did take about 30mins for both hands.








What do you think of this?


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/domrFGtFE8s" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

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I Attempted Series: Art work

i wanted to draw yesterday but instead found this old piece of unfinished drawing from 2 years ago.


those markers i used for the faces are horribly expensive, almost $5 without discount i think hahaha but luckily there was a sale and with the help of my friend's member card i bought them at about $3+ each. they are very fantastic, however, because the effect it gives after it dries is like paint or sth. totally smooth, and doesn't cause the paper to tear like normal markers.



all i can say is...

</p> </p>



oh well. till the next time!

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NOTD: Gradient holo


i had been reading some blogs (i can't remember which....) about holo gradients and i really wanted to try! 


i used the sponging method, but it dulled the holo effect. i had to use a holo topcoat. 


i used three colours - Ascalon, Tristam, and Bridal Veil


what do you think of this? i wanna do more gradient stuff hahaha

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Swatch-o-rama: A-England Tristam


My aengland finally arrived!!! got me two bottles during their 10% off sale or sth. i love the colour, but am kinda disappointed it's not as holo as i imagined it to be. 

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I attempted series: More drawings



all with filters

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Swatch-o-rama: Ozotic 513

Sorry for the looooooong hiatus



awesome purple holo!!!!! love it love it love it

Posted by madlynny on August 17, 2012 at 10:39PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

Random: wonky text

Random: wonky text
Can your Lancôme foundation bottle do this?
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Testing subscribe feature

testing!!! i just changed the email subscription feed thingy cuz i forgot my username and password hahahaha noobish.

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NOTW: Chevron nail art

hihihi long time no blog....


this manicure was inspired by chalkboard nails. i hardly ever do nail art because i'm usually too tired to wait for the polish to dry, but i knew i had to try this cuz it's so easy!


unfortunately due to the drying seche vite which no amount of thinner would work, my art was ruined. soooo disappointed. 



i used Zoya Bevin as base, then layered China Glaze Recycled, OPI Miso Happy With This Colour, and OPI I Brake For Manicures



i know what you're thinking. nope your screen is not dirty.


I thought the right thumb was pretty perfect.... until the topcoat dragged the darkest colour all over. and it's not as if i put the topcoat on immediately, i had waited in 10 minute intervals for each layer, and only put the top coat on 30 mins after the last layer was done.


i decided to try the essence quick dry and gel look top coat ONE DAY after my manicure. in short don't get them because they absolutely suck. they added bubbles to my nails, are not quick dry at all and it comes with a wonky brush.


so sad. any suggestions for a good top coat?

Posted by madlynny on July 29, 2012 at 4:31PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

LOTD: ETK Lust Red


i think this was lust red..... so long ago i can't remember what i used actually hahaha.


these days, i like putting on red lipstick just on the middle areas to give that 'just bitten' look. i hate putting on lipstick but this method gives a slight hint of colour without looking too coloured and no icky feeling for me hehe.


also, i made the brows level on purpose hahahah the more i stare at it the more i want to laugh!


what are your tips for lipstick wear? do you go full on or slight stains?

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Swatch-o-rama: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

this is a re-swatch



it is a neon orange/pink, depending on  your lighting. on some occasions it looks pretty peachy, and sometimes it becomes pink. the pics on the left were taken without flash and altered, while the right one was with flash, but not altered. unfortunately none of them come close to the actual colour in real life. i love this colour though, it makes me look super tan haha, and i have a good mind to get the rest of the collection though i know this was last year's. oh well.

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Swatch-o-rama: Essence Where Is The Party?


I read that this was dupe for Chanel and OPI, but I have none of those so I cannot compare. Absolutely fell in love with this colour. Although you can't see much here, but it shifts from grey to green to purple. it is purple most of the time and i love it!

tip wear cuz this mani was on for a few days before i had the chance to take pictures out in the sun. i literally stopped on my way to the station to take these - in the middle of the street!

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Swatch-o-rama: CC Best Dressed List vs OPI Barefoot in Barcelona

I came across these two polishes while foraging my stash for colours (the absolute horror of finding something you can't remember having hahahaha)


I thought they looked pretty similar...



Left opi, right cc


pretty similar, no?

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