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Diary of a colour freak.

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I started this blog mainly to do what I love - makeup and art. I love the colours and different looks that one can come up with, and what ever I recreate is purely for my own entertainment. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my entries!




oh hello, who's here?

CNY nails 2012 + a rainbow pic at the end

i initially wanted this set of nails but i thought it was too girly for me.

finally i settled on this

OPI Ski Teal We Drop


funny thing was i went to my friend's house at 3am on chinese new year morning and we did our nails so this colour actually belongs to her. I NEED TO HAVE THIS IT'S SO AWESOME!!!



i did some designs on my fake nails cuz i didn't want to spoil the colour i had on my nails. i wanted to test out which combi looked the best. what i didn't take note of was the size of the nails so i really couldn't put one row of rhinestones on any nail because it wouldn't look as pretty as these long fake ones.


the picture above is edited, but the colour i have is similar to OPI Ski Teal We Drop. i got it at Beadstreet. STWD is greener, the beadstreet one is slightly bluer.



and lastly, this was taken on sat when i was coming back from clarke quay. i wanted to take a bus back but it was raining, and near chinatown (i really dread that place on weekends), and my bus was gonna pass by chinatown, i decided to take a train back. so, i was lugging my heavy bag around the purple line to head to the green line, and i finally got a seat. after we came out of the tunnel at redhill, this auntie beside me kept turning to look outside. i had actually fallen asleep but she kept knocking my leg when she turned. i got pissed off and woke up and saw many people pointing and smiling.


i actually ignored and went back to sleep until clementi when i finally couldn't take her knocking i turned to stare at the woman. then i turned outside to look what was so interesting. she was going crazy at a freaking rainbow. -.-


i mean, come on, woman. turn to look and stay there, don't keep turning around then turn back then turn around again tsk....... i know double rainbows are hard to come by but please...... keep calm and start breathing normally can...


so when i realised she was staring at the double rainbow she turned - to creepily smile at me!!!!!!!! wahlao how psycho can. so maybe she kept disturbing me on purpose zzz


but yeah i figured i should take a picture so here it is.



yes yes it is digitally enhanced. you don't really believe i could capture the essence of the rainbows with my pathetic iphone camera, do you?


and ok la i admit, it was quite a pretty sight, considering i could see the whole arc of the rainbows and at such a close range. im usually a bus person but i'm kinda glad i took the train instead that day.

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